Updated the blog…

Well I wanted the blog to have all my MV resources and now it does.  Just go to the RPG Maker MV tab and you can access the graphics and see that you can now get to all my icons, tiles, characters, etc. that I previously published on RPGMakerWeb.  Hoping to make some tutorials, but I haven’t gotten any good ideas yet.

Happy New Year everyone and have fun game making.

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MV School Tile Set…

So this is a screenshot of parts of the School Tile Set I made with RTP graphics.

Screenshot 2016-01-01 14.07.50

Here’s the tileset.


This was optimized for use with ShazLargeSpriteFix plugin (make sure you name it that).  Here are the settings I recommend for my tileset if using this plugin.

For the teacher desks you will want to put the chair down first then the desk.  This allows the top part of the desk to cover player and events and the chair won’t cut the player/ events head off while allowing the player/ event to still walk behind the chair properly.  The student desks work in a similar fashion.

I also made some bubbling cauldrons for a potions class 🙂


And of course some additional icons came out of all this as well


Here are some recolors of the larger chair I used for the teacher’s desks.  Included is a template so you can recolor the chairs to some other color I didn’t do and you just put the template on top and it will look right.

Wooden Chair Recolors with Overlay

Also here is a template for recoloring the chalkboard.

Chalkboard Overlay

And for a sense of completion here are the School Based Windowskins I made.  You can’t see them with the white background, but the message window animation has some white chalk.

Well I hope you enjoy them.  And have fun RPG Making.




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Check out this contest and I will be updating soon…

So click here to check out this cool contest from RPG Maker Web and Steam, where you can win up to $500 in forum credit or $100 Steam gift card.

Also I plan to update my blog with all the MV resources I’ve made very soon, I’m going to showcasing the Math learning game I’m working on and probably doing some tutorials.

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New Info Windows Script… Data Screen…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Data Screen script – GitHub Link

Requires:  Info Window Base script and Menu Base script

This utilizes the Info Windows in a new scene Data. This uses all the previously created windows and also adds Enemies, Classes, and States.  Included commands can be turned off if you wish and the command window will adjust appropriately.

Objects get added to the data lists as they are found. Weapons, Armor, and Items as players acquire them, Skills as characters learn them, States as they are used on players or enemies, Enemies once they are killed, Classes as characters change to them. Everything that comes on characters initially is added to the found list automatically.  I wanted to include when skills were used by enemies or players (as there is ways with scripts to use skills that are not learned), but I have yet to figure this out.  If anyone notices something I missed, please let me know and hopefully I can figure out how to fix it.

All info can be turned on by default if you want, which is handy for game testing.

Enemy information includes an adjustable battler image that will shrink the battler to size specified, but if the original battler is smaller than the size specified it will be left alone.  There is also a background battler image that takes a centered cut of the battler image the size of the info window (the window adjusts by design with the resolution, so larger resolution = larger window) and displays it behind the text at the opacity you desire.  By default it is set up with adjustable battler on the parameters page and the spoils page. The spoils page includes experience and gold earned along with drop items set up as a percent (this can be displayed as a fraction if you want).  There is of course the features page and also an enemy action page, both set up with background battler.  The enemy actions page includes the skill used and the priority rating, I considered adding the conditions as well, but there wasn’t a good way to display it in the limited size of the window.

Class information includes a parameter comparison page so you can see what the stats are for that class at two different levels (set in the Config module).  There is the obligatory features page and finally learnable skill pages with the skill and the level its learned at displayed.  You can set the number of pages from 0 – 3 depending on what works best for your game (the setting is true for all classes so if this is something you wish to use you may consider balancing your skills among your classes so you don’t end up with a bunch of empty pages).

States information includes features page (did you expect anything else) and the general info page.  General includes restriction, priority, and removal conditions and if there is none you can adjust what is displayed.

Of course you can adjust what is drawn on each of the 3 command’s pages as you see fit and the other commands use whatever configuration you used in the Info Window Base script.

Hope you find it useful and have fun game making.


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Info Windows scripts…

These scripts took me forever, but I really wanted them after playing Last Story on Wii and having no idea what my equipment did unless I went to a shop, which is annoying and after playing Secret of Mana (SNES via virtual console) with the kids, which didn’t tell you anything in the shop, which is also annoying.

So here’s some pretty pictures:

As you can see the info windows can draw just about all the information that can be entered in the database.  For Features and Effects if the item doesn’t have it then it isn’t displayed, which allows you to keep it to one page.  Other things aren’t drawn when not needed as well such as damage/ recovery/ drain (though you can change this setting in the Config module if you desire) and required weapon type.  I have it displayed that it draws every parameter even if it is 0, but you can change that in Config module if you desire as well.  You can adjust how many actors display in equipment windows to any number, the size of the battle party, or all of them if you want though that might result in running out of room.  The comparative stat can be adjusted for each slot type, with special setting for up to two unique weapon types.  You can also adjust what is shown and what isn’t shown and the order they are shown in each page.

Because of the things that can be drawn the scripts us a base script because adding all the necessary methods to each of the scripts would result in three really long scripts that are just copies of each other and you would have to redo the Vocab and Config on each which I would find annoying, because there is a lot.

Info Windows Base script – Github Link

I learned a lot while making this script, which resulted in me rewriting it many, many times, but it was still fun, when MV comes out I hope I can figure out how to write it in JavaScript sooner than later.

Don’t forget this needs my Menu Base script as well to work because it use methods found there and Vocab found there as well.

Info Item Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Item Screen.

Info Skill Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Skill Screen.

Info Shop Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Shop Screen

I tried to alias as much as I could to make them as compatible as possible, but the item and skill screens required using an inherited window for displaying of the item lists because the default ones are used in the battle screen as well and changing them to one column would have made them crappy looking and inefficient which resulted in the overwrite of the create item window in each of the scenes, so there could be compatibility problems there.

I do plan on working on making these compatible with Yanfly scripts (which would add a lot more info to see) because I use a lot of those myself and I also use the same terms of use as Yanfly.  There will be some others like Kread-Ex’s Skill Upgrade script that I want to make compatible as well.  I will consider adding other script compatibility if you ask, but no guarantees and be patient as I do work and have a family, so my time is limited at times.

I’ve also been reading up on JavaScript in preparation for MV,  I found this book to be quite a nice read especially if you have spent some time learning code already: You Don’t Know JS: Up and Going by Kyle Simpson.  At the time I posted this it was free on Kindle which is great.  I’ve also found this website: HTML Dog, which provides free tutorials on JavaScript and others, quite a nice read as well.

I’m also working on the final touches of another Info Windows script I’m calling Data Screen, which I hope to have done soon, here’s some pictures:

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Updated Scripts from before, now on GitHub…

I didn’t make any visual changes to the scripts, just removed all the explanations and added some configuration and additional vocab to scripts to make them more user friendly.  Scripts now have a home on GitHub.

TIBB Menu Base 1.02 – This was the Vocab module and Window Base Add-On’s in the tutorial.

TIBB Status Screen 1.02 – This should now be plug and play.  There may be changes to this later when I finally get around to adding Parameter Rates and DeBuff Rates.

TIBB Equip Screen 1.02 – Added a Config module to let you change some text and resize the window easier.

TIBB Menu Status Screen 1.01 – Nothing major changed, but I did realize that this doesn’t need the Menu Base to work.

Coming Soon Info Windows…

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So I’m only two years late with this…

So I promised to release a tutorial on menu scripting two years ago and finally after changing it a million times, dealing with all my real life problems and such it is finally done.

Too bad with MV coming out soon, it won’t be as useful as it could have been, but you know there will still be plenty of people who will still use Ace for a while so without further ado:

Menu Script Tutorial

Here’s a video:

Here’s the project which has all the notes and contains the tutorial itself within the script editor:  Menu Script Tutorial Project Download

Here’s some images of the various scripts I hope I’m able to teach you to do:

Status_Screen_2nd_page Status_Screen_1st_page Mood_Screen_10party Mood_Screen_6party Mood_Screen_3party Menu_Status_Screen_8party Menu_Status_Screen_6party Menu_Status_Screen_3party Equip_Screen_4th_page Equip_Screen_3rd_page Equip_Screen_2nd_page Equip_Screen_1st_page

I was going to do it out in pages like I usually do for tutorials, but I couldn’t make it work right, especially the scripts (they kept getting cut off for some reason).

I hope you enjoy.


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So its been way too long…

So I know its been a while and I’m sorry about that.  My schedule changed at work and I haven’t had the time I had before, though I’ve had more time with the family, so that’s nice.  So here’s some stuff I’ve been working on.

New Icons

NoBackground and Arrow Icons

These are just some of the icons from the RTP without the background and I removed the lettering from the buff arrows. So now you can add your own lettering.  I also made some alternate colors of the arrows just for fun.

New Battle Backs

Forest1 (Vibrant)

Grassland (Vibrant)

This is the forest battleback and grassland battleback slightly recolored because I thought they would look a little more fitting with the tiles from Celianna’s tileset I’m using in my game.

New Card Designs


These are some templates for a larger card design.  The circles and ovals were made using animation images from the RTP.  So consequently these are only for RPG Maker license holders like most things I make.  These are 264 x 384 pixels and I combine them with these cut out of the backgrounds I’m using in my game:



All I’ve done here is made the background in GIMP, battleback 1 and 2 layer really easily.  Then I configure my grid 264 x 384 and cut-out a section.  Then I add the battler on top of that.  Next I add the template I’m using (I like template 2 better personally, but I figured template 1 could be better for some people).  Finally I add some text.


Obviously I have a better example for template 2 because that’s the one I’ve spent more time with.  Overall I like the options this design gives you if you are using the RTP because there are a lot of different combinations for the battlebacks.  Also here’s the number fonts if you want to use them.

FontsThey are hard to see because they are white on a white background.

Floating Icon Character Sets

Equipment Icons 4 FloatingFood Icons Floating

This zip folder contains all the icons in the RTP done up like the above.  Nothing too fancy but if you were to add an animation or something it could look nice.  Remember to set the event on fixed direction when using these.  I was working on a set that was set a bit higher, but I have yet to finish it.  Some of these don’t look so great, but looked better in the second version (or at least should) and some just probably won’t look great, but will help you maintain consistency.

Lame Ass Excuse

One of the biggest impediments to me making much in my game or for my blog has been because I’ve been working on some scripting.  I plan to make a tutorial because it is mostly just a bunch of different drawing methods for various data that the default scripts already collect.  The main reason for teaching this is because I know I’m anal retentive about how I want my menu screens to look and if I were to ask a scripter to do this for me, they would probably hate my guts by the time I finished nitpicking everything to death, so I figure it was probably better to learn it myself.  It has also helped me make different scripts I was using more compatible.  Hopefully I will finish it sometime soon and make the tutorial, but I won’t get my hopes up that it will be any time soon.

Until next time…


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New Tile Edits…

So I made some tiles.  Now these are made from the Ace RTP tiles nothing fancy.  First I made a bunch of A1 tiles based on the Dungeon A2 tiles.  I did this because I wanted to have a lava heavy area, but I didn’t necessarily want to use the red rock tiles.  Once I made the template I was able to use the other lava from the World A1 set:

From there I made more:

In total there are 27 of these with lava, water, and poison swamp.  I also included some variants in the zip file.  These are slightly raised so they have a different look.

I then got bored and made 144 A2 tiles from other tiles in the RTP.  I also made overlays for the right side of the tileset to blend in with any tiles (in theory).  I also made the existing overlays that didn’t have full tiles and the existing tiles that didn’t have an overlay version into tiles as well.  Example:


So here’s the zip file that has all of these:  Dungeon A1 Variants and A2 Tiles with Overlays

Also in there are the templates that I used, for those of you who want to do similar things with Samurai, Arabian Nights, etc sets.

Now I want to stress the point that these are copy/ paste jobs from existing RTP material.  This stuff isn’t really hard to do and its not that fancy, but just like the Visual Equip Graphics I made, this shows that there is actually a lot of stuff you can make from the graphics they give you.  But this can take a long time, so I post these to save you time.

Have fun!

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Battleback edit…


There’s a tile that’s green and black on the InsideA5 tileset, but there wasn’t a good battleback for it, so I whipped this up.  Nothing special, its just an edit of Decorative Tile battleback but for those who want to use that tile, enjoy.

I’ve been working on making a tileset (aka editing existing tiles with a bit of organization) for lava based areas for the game I’m working on, and they don’t look too bad, so hopefully I will have some of those to post sooner than later.


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