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Updated the blog…

Well I wanted the blog to have all my MV resources and now it does.  Just go to the RPG Maker MV tab and you can access the graphics and see that you can now get to all my icons, tiles, characters, etc. that I previously published on RPGMakerWeb.  Hoping to make some tutorials, but I haven’t gotten any good ideas yet.

Happy New Year everyone and have fun game making.

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MV School Tile Set…

So this is a screenshot of parts of the School Tile Set I made with RTP graphics.

Screenshot 2016-01-01 14.07.50

Here’s the tileset.


This was optimized for use with ShazLargeSpriteFix plugin (make sure you name it that).  Here are the settings I recommend for my tileset if using this plugin.

For the teacher desks you will want to put the chair down first then the desk.  This allows the top part of the desk to cover player and events and the chair won’t cut the player/ events head off while allowing the player/ event to still walk behind the chair properly.  The student desks work in a similar fashion.

I also made some bubbling cauldrons for a potions class 🙂


And of course some additional icons came out of all this as well


Here are some recolors of the larger chair I used for the teacher’s desks.  Included is a template so you can recolor the chairs to some other color I didn’t do and you just put the template on top and it will look right.

Wooden Chair Recolors with Overlay

Also here is a template for recoloring the chalkboard.

Chalkboard Overlay

And for a sense of completion here are the School Based Windowskins I made.  You can’t see them with the white background, but the message window animation has some white chalk.

Well I hope you enjoy them.  And have fun RPG Making.




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