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Updated Scripts from before, now on GitHub…

I didn’t make any visual changes to the scripts, just removed all the explanations and added some configuration and additional vocab to scripts to make them more user friendly.  Scripts now have a home on GitHub.

TIBB Menu Base 1.02 – This was the Vocab module and Window Base Add-On’s in the tutorial.

TIBB Status Screen 1.02 – This should now be plug and play.  There may be changes to this later when I finally get around to adding Parameter Rates and DeBuff Rates.

TIBB Equip Screen 1.02 – Added a Config module to let you change some text and resize the window easier.

TIBB Menu Status Screen 1.01 – Nothing major changed, but I did realize that this doesn’t need the Menu Base to work.

Coming Soon Info Windows…

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So I’m only two years late with this…

So I promised to release a tutorial on menu scripting two years ago and finally after changing it a million times, dealing with all my real life problems and such it is finally done.

Too bad with MV coming out soon, it won’t be as useful as it could have been, but you know there will still be plenty of people who will still use Ace for a while so without further ado:

Menu Script Tutorial

Here’s a video:

Here’s the project which has all the notes and contains the tutorial itself within the script editor:  Menu Script Tutorial Project Download

Here’s some images of the various scripts I hope I’m able to teach you to do:

Status_Screen_2nd_page Status_Screen_1st_page Mood_Screen_10party Mood_Screen_6party Mood_Screen_3party Menu_Status_Screen_8party Menu_Status_Screen_6party Menu_Status_Screen_3party Equip_Screen_4th_page Equip_Screen_3rd_page Equip_Screen_2nd_page Equip_Screen_1st_page

I was going to do it out in pages like I usually do for tutorials, but I couldn’t make it work right, especially the scripts (they kept getting cut off for some reason).

I hope you enjoy.


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