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17 Sep

These scripts took me forever, but I really wanted them after playing Last Story on Wii and having no idea what my equipment did unless I went to a shop, which is annoying and after playing Secret of Mana (SNES via virtual console) with the kids, which didn’t tell you anything in the shop, which is also annoying.

So here’s some pretty pictures:

As you can see the info windows can draw just about all the information that can be entered in the database.  For Features and Effects if the item doesn’t have it then it isn’t displayed, which allows you to keep it to one page.  Other things aren’t drawn when not needed as well such as damage/ recovery/ drain (though you can change this setting in the Config module if you desire) and required weapon type.  I have it displayed that it draws every parameter even if it is 0, but you can change that in Config module if you desire as well.  You can adjust how many actors display in equipment windows to any number, the size of the battle party, or all of them if you want though that might result in running out of room.  The comparative stat can be adjusted for each slot type, with special setting for up to two unique weapon types.  You can also adjust what is shown and what isn’t shown and the order they are shown in each page.

Because of the things that can be drawn the scripts us a base script because adding all the necessary methods to each of the scripts would result in three really long scripts that are just copies of each other and you would have to redo the Vocab and Config on each which I would find annoying, because there is a lot.

Info Windows Base script – Github Link

I learned a lot while making this script, which resulted in me rewriting it many, many times, but it was still fun, when MV comes out I hope I can figure out how to write it in JavaScript sooner than later.

Don’t forget this needs my Menu Base script as well to work because it use methods found there and Vocab found there as well.

Info Item Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Item Screen.

Info Skill Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Skill Screen.

Info Shop Screen script – GitHub Link

This allows you to use the info windows in the Shop Screen

I tried to alias as much as I could to make them as compatible as possible, but the item and skill screens required using an inherited window for displaying of the item lists because the default ones are used in the battle screen as well and changing them to one column would have made them crappy looking and inefficient which resulted in the overwrite of the create item window in each of the scenes, so there could be compatibility problems there.

I do plan on working on making these compatible with Yanfly scripts (which would add a lot more info to see) because I use a lot of those myself and I also use the same terms of use as Yanfly.  There will be some others like Kread-Ex’s Skill Upgrade script that I want to make compatible as well.  I will consider adding other script compatibility if you ask, but no guarantees and be patient as I do work and have a family, so my time is limited at times.

I’ve also been reading up on JavaScript in preparation for MV,  I found this book to be quite a nice read especially if you have spent some time learning code already: You Don’t Know JS: Up and Going by Kyle Simpson.  At the time I posted this it was free on Kindle which is great.  I’ve also found this website: HTML Dog, which provides free tutorials on JavaScript and others, quite a nice read as well.

I’m also working on the final touches of another Info Windows script I’m calling Data Screen, which I hope to have done soon, here’s some pictures:

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