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New Info Windows Script… Data Screen…

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Data Screen script – GitHub Link

Requires:  Info Window Base script and Menu Base script

This utilizes the Info Windows in a new scene Data. This uses all the previously created windows and also adds Enemies, Classes, and States.  Included commands can be turned off if you wish and the command window will adjust appropriately.

Objects get added to the data lists as they are found. Weapons, Armor, and Items as players acquire them, Skills as characters learn them, States as they are used on players or enemies, Enemies once they are killed, Classes as characters change to them. Everything that comes on characters initially is added to the found list automatically.  I wanted to include when skills were used by enemies or players (as there is ways with scripts to use skills that are not learned), but I have yet to figure this out.  If anyone notices something I missed, please let me know and hopefully I can figure out how to fix it.

All info can be turned on by default if you want, which is handy for game testing.

Enemy information includes an adjustable battler image that will shrink the battler to size specified, but if the original battler is smaller than the size specified it will be left alone.  There is also a background battler image that takes a centered cut of the battler image the size of the info window (the window adjusts by design with the resolution, so larger resolution = larger window) and displays it behind the text at the opacity you desire.  By default it is set up with adjustable battler on the parameters page and the spoils page. The spoils page includes experience and gold earned along with drop items set up as a percent (this can be displayed as a fraction if you want).  There is of course the features page and also an enemy action page, both set up with background battler.  The enemy actions page includes the skill used and the priority rating, I considered adding the conditions as well, but there wasn’t a good way to display it in the limited size of the window.

Class information includes a parameter comparison page so you can see what the stats are for that class at two different levels (set in the Config module).  There is the obligatory features page and finally learnable skill pages with the skill and the level its learned at displayed.  You can set the number of pages from 0 – 3 depending on what works best for your game (the setting is true for all classes so if this is something you wish to use you may consider balancing your skills among your classes so you don’t end up with a bunch of empty pages).

States information includes features page (did you expect anything else) and the general info page.  General includes restriction, priority, and removal conditions and if there is none you can adjust what is displayed.

Of course you can adjust what is drawn on each of the 3 command’s pages as you see fit and the other commands use whatever configuration you used in the Info Window Base script.

Hope you find it useful and have fun game making.


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