Battler Cards

These are Cards I made for my project.  I figured someone else might find them useful.  They don’t include any text so that you can modify them with ease and add the text that you deem appropriate.  Here’s some examples:

Cards modified from these at Stone Lane.  I have completed the entire Ace RTP, but that would be to much to display so download them here.  Included in the zip file are the bases I used and the overlays in the case you want to change the cards color without changing the battler image.

To make these I used these steps which will be useful to those who have the Pre-order bonus battlers or Samurai VX battlers, (which I plan on doing, but will not post for fear of pissing off Enterbrain) and would like to use these for their game.

First choose the base image for the battler (essentially what color you want behind the battler).  Then pastes the battler image on top of it lining it up so that what you want to show is in the little window (you may have to resize the battler to get the desired image).  Finally paste the appropriate overlay on top of the image to clean it up.  I’ll use the Bat as an example:

I plan on adding text to each card, but I won’t do so until I’ve figured out the name I will use for my game.

Credit to Stone Lane as well if you use these.



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