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Elemental Action Icons…

So I decided to distract myself by making some elemental action icons for the weapons, shields, some of the tools, and the music instruments in the RTP.

These are some recolored bases made from the RTP icon bases.  So you can make other icons for things not in the RTP (such as from the Samurai VX resource pack)

These are reduced weapon, shield, some tools and the music instrument icons so they fit on bases a little better.  Basically they were reduced to 18 x 18 and then re-centered on a 24 x 24 grid.  You can just paste these on top of any base you desire.

Mitchi’s Sprite Outliner GIMP script was used on all of these icons so make sure to credit him as well.

Have fun and keep RPG Making.  See ya.


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I don’t really know if anyone downloaded the demo for the “A Blue Flame, A Lantern, and A Brazier” tutorial event system, but I left an experiment in it that made the Blue Flame event not work. I updated the demo link on the tutorial’s page.

If you don’t want to redownload it just delete page 2 from each of the Blue Flame events.

Sorry for the mistake guys.

I’m working on some Battlers at the moment so maybe I will have those out this weekend. They’re just mash-ups of RTP battlers like Closet Ace does. Hopefully they will turnout as well.

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An event system I’ve been working on…

First Happy Easter even though I’m a day late.

This is my “A Blue Flame, A Lantern, and A Brazier” event system.

The blue flame doesn’t pass through walls or roof tiles.  It doesn’t have to be a specific event and neither does the brazier.

This uses Yanfly’s Button Common Events and Khas’ Awesome Light Effects scripts and a whole lot of eventing.  The scripts don’t have any particular quality that requires them specifically, so they can be substituted.  I just like them over similar ones.  Not using Button Common Events makes the Lantern a pain.

The explanation of events and how to do this, along with a sample project can be found at this page.

Its been a while since I posted anything, but surprisingly enough I’m not the only one, I think everyone has been busy.  I myself was busy delivering Girl Scout Cookies the last two weekends and helping my wife prepare for and prepare Easter dinner (it was great).

Well here’s some cool stuff from the blogs:

Fomar0153’s tutorial on using the Custom Damage Formula  of skills is a must read and check out the Monster Master class for his game.

Molegato gives us a Variable Quest Menu script.  This is simple, but cool, worth giving a look.

Division Heaven gives us some more battlers based on the RTP actors.  Find Remius, Elecia, and Naia in the material section.  Just added while typing this was a great new addition – Earth Guardian Fiona.  Very nice!

Erangot presents us with a Character Machine.  Super cool.  I need to make an avatar with this soon.

This may be old news to others, but the RM Collective is awesome and as soon as I get around to updating the links this site will definitely be on the list.  Scripts (VX at the moment), Graphics, Music, and more.

Until next time, you guys have fun.


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