So I made some tiles.  Now these are made from the Ace RTP tiles nothing fancy.  First I made a bunch of A1 tiles based on the Dungeon A2 tiles.  I did this because I wanted to have a lava heavy area, but I didn’t necessarily want to use the red rock tiles.  Once I made the template I was able to use the other lava from the World A1 set:

From there I made more:

In total there are 27 of these with lava, water, and poison swamp.  I also included some variants in the zip file.  These are slightly raised so they have a different look.

I then got bored and made 144 A2 tiles from other tiles in the RTP.  I also made overlays for the right side of the tileset to blend in with any tiles (in theory).  I also made the existing overlays that didn’t have full tiles and the existing tiles that didn’t have an overlay version into tiles as well.  Example:

So here’s the zip file that has all of these:  Dungeon A1 Variants and A2 Tiles with Overlays

Also in there are the templates that I used, for those of you who want to do similar things with Samurai, Arabian Nights, etc sets.

Here is the icons put on tilesets for people who could think of a possible use for such a thing.  These are shrank to fit on the screen a lot better, but you need to click on them before you save them, so they will be the right size.


If you’ll notice a lot of the bookshelves have really similar patterns and I wanted to vary that up a bit, but that takes a while also I think a couple are the RTP bookshelves and I intend to change that, plus I wanted to have an alternate color for the bookshelves that would go next to the others.

The books on the bottom should all be good.  One of the problems with recoloring the books using GIMP is that the open pages get all screwed up.

So I had to create this template to overlay on the open pages you can use this if you want to make your own colors and want to fix the pages with less hassle.


2 responses to “Tilesets

  1. Akwes

    March 1, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    I have question to you. In which license you share these graphics?

    • infamous bon bon

      March 3, 2013 at 12:36 pm

      These (and most of the things I make in general) are all based on RPG Maker Ace graphics and if you have the license for that you can use these. I myself allow people to use my work for both commercial and non-commercial games for no charge, but (and yes I stole the idea from Yanfly) if you make a commercial game a free copy of the game would be appreciated.


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