So its been way too long…

So I know its been a while and I’m sorry about that.  My schedule changed at work and I haven’t had the time I had before, though I’ve had more time with the family, so that’s nice.  So here’s some stuff I’ve been working on.

New Icons

NoBackground and Arrow Icons

These are just some of the icons from the RTP without the background and I removed the lettering from the buff arrows. So now you can add your own lettering.  I also made some alternate colors of the arrows just for fun.

New Battle Backs

Forest1 (Vibrant)

Grassland (Vibrant)

This is the forest battleback and grassland battleback slightly recolored because I thought they would look a little more fitting with the tiles from Celianna’s tileset I’m using in my game.

New Card Designs


These are some templates for a larger card design.  The circles and ovals were made using animation images from the RTP.  So consequently these are only for RPG Maker license holders like most things I make.  These are 264 x 384 pixels and I combine them with these cut out of the backgrounds I’m using in my game:



All I’ve done here is made the background in GIMP, battleback 1 and 2 layer really easily.  Then I configure my grid 264 x 384 and cut-out a section.  Then I add the battler on top of that.  Next I add the template I’m using (I like template 2 better personally, but I figured template 1 could be better for some people).  Finally I add some text.


Obviously I have a better example for template 2 because that’s the one I’ve spent more time with.  Overall I like the options this design gives you if you are using the RTP because there are a lot of different combinations for the battlebacks.  Also here’s the number fonts if you want to use them.

FontsThey are hard to see because they are white on a white background.

Floating Icon Character Sets

Equipment Icons 4 FloatingFood Icons Floating

This zip folder contains all the icons in the RTP done up like the above.  Nothing too fancy but if you were to add an animation or something it could look nice.  Remember to set the event on fixed direction when using these.  I was working on a set that was set a bit higher, but I have yet to finish it.  Some of these don’t look so great, but looked better in the second version (or at least should) and some just probably won’t look great, but will help you maintain consistency.

Lame Ass Excuse

One of the biggest impediments to me making much in my game or for my blog has been because I’ve been working on some scripting.  I plan to make a tutorial because it is mostly just a bunch of different drawing methods for various data that the default scripts already collect.  The main reason for teaching this is because I know I’m anal retentive about how I want my menu screens to look and if I were to ask a scripter to do this for me, they would probably hate my guts by the time I finished nitpicking everything to death, so I figure it was probably better to learn it myself.  It has also helped me make different scripts I was using more compatible.  Hopefully I will finish it sometime soon and make the tutorial, but I won’t get my hopes up that it will be any time soon.

Until next time…


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New Tile Edits…

So I made some tiles.  Now these are made from the Ace RTP tiles nothing fancy.  First I made a bunch of A1 tiles based on the Dungeon A2 tiles.  I did this because I wanted to have a lava heavy area, but I didn’t necessarily want to use the red rock tiles.  Once I made the template I was able to use the other lava from the World A1 set:

From there I made more:

In total there are 27 of these with lava, water, and poison swamp.  I also included some variants in the zip file.  These are slightly raised so they have a different look.

I then got bored and made 144 A2 tiles from other tiles in the RTP.  I also made overlays for the right side of the tileset to blend in with any tiles (in theory).  I also made the existing overlays that didn’t have full tiles and the existing tiles that didn’t have an overlay version into tiles as well.  Example:


So here’s the zip file that has all of these:  Dungeon A1 Variants and A2 Tiles with Overlays

Also in there are the templates that I used, for those of you who want to do similar things with Samurai, Arabian Nights, etc sets.

Now I want to stress the point that these are copy/ paste jobs from existing RTP material.  This stuff isn’t really hard to do and its not that fancy, but just like the Visual Equip Graphics I made, this shows that there is actually a lot of stuff you can make from the graphics they give you.  But this can take a long time, so I post these to save you time.

Have fun!

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Battleback edit…


There’s a tile that’s green and black on the InsideA5 tileset, but there wasn’t a good battleback for it, so I whipped this up.  Nothing special, its just an edit of Decorative Tile battleback but for those who want to use that tile, enjoy.

I’ve been working on making a tileset (aka editing existing tiles with a bit of organization) for lava based areas for the game I’m working on, and they don’t look too bad, so hopefully I will have some of those to post sooner than later.


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Visual Equip Graphics…

So I’ve been playing with Victor Sant’s Visual Equip Script.  Basically it allows you to set graphics for any equipment which can add a lot of personality to your RTP graphics game.  For the ambitious you could probably make a pretty good character generator as well.

There is quite a bit of graphics available because of the character generator built into Ace, which means you already have these graphics, but they have to be converted.  This takes forever, but since I already went through the trouble of doing so, I figured I would share:


These are all the generator parts converted into the format recognized by the script.  I was particular about naming them, so I could keep them organized.  You will have to import these into the Character folder individually aka you can’t just copy the folders in, remember read the script.

Also note that I just did the default skin tone for the Clothes files.  Every generator file has a different overlay for skin tone for each Clothes file.  There in your generator files and you simply have to overlay the different skin tones.  If I had gone as far as doing that for each of them there would be a lot of extra files and although it shouldn’t be hard it will take some time.

Here’s the priority order I used for the parts (I could be wrong, so double check):

Tail Back:                    0

Cloak Back:                5

Rear Hair Back:       10

Wing Back:               15

Clothes:                    20

Head:                        25

Eyes:                         30

Beard:                       35

Tail Front:                 40

Cloak Front:             45

Accessory 1:            50

Rear Hair Front:      55

Wing Front:               60

Glasses:                   65

Ears:                          70

Front Hair Front:      75

Kemonomimi:         80

Accessory 2:            85

Now if you do end up using these for equipment your going to need an Icon Set.  I included this Icon Set with the download, but in case you just want the Icon Set, here it is:

Looking at the Icon Set you can see that there are quite a bit of options for classic fantasy and modern games already included and having eight shades of most items make having elemental armors really easy and nice looking.  Granted somethings just don’t icon up well, but if you wanted to do certain things they will be better than others.

I hope this is helpful for some people out there.

Catch ya on the flip-flop yo!


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It’s a banner…

So here’s the banner for my blog, for those of you who like to use banners in their link section.

It was made by Victor Sant, so a big thank you to him.

I may decide to make a fancier banner one day, but the simplicity of this just makes me happy, so I doubt I will change it anytime soon.

‘Till next time, peace ya’ll.


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A new tutorial I wrote…

So I finally finished a tutorial for Direction Based Line of Sight Events.

This tutorial teaches you some Conditional Branch script calls (default RPG Maker Ace scripts, though I think you could use these in VX, but I haven’t tested it).  There is also a project that you can download to help you follow along (the file also includes the tutorial in various text formats for those who don’t stay on the internet all the time).

It includes four simple examples that show examples of various lines of sight with adjustable ranges I came up with to teach the basic concepts:

  1. A Triangular Line of Sight
  2. A Basic Line of Sight
  3. A Wide Line of Sight
  4. A Not Touching Line of Sight

And four more complex examples to show some possible uses:

  1. A Chase/ Tag event that can be used for a tag mini game
  2. An Assassin Event that allows you to take enemies out by hitting them from the side or behind using the C Button (Z, Enter, or Space bar on the key board)
  3. A Surprise Battle Event that allows you to surprise the enemy, but they can also surprise you
  4. A Zapper Event that is basically a trap that can be evaded, but will damage the player if they do not.


Lots of good news and resources from the other blogs lately:

Yami is working on a new Sideview Battle System, always good to have more options there

Exciting news for Yanfly fans, Archeia Nessiah from Division Heaven along with Yami have started to Bug Fix Yanfly’s scripts while Yanfly is away.  Now I have to remember the few glitches I have come across, so I can report them (damned memory)

Speaking of Division Heaven there’s been some new updates for the Spiritual portrait set (with the hope of more to come) and a Demo now for the Emotion Manipulation Magic tutorial

Victor Sant has been pumping out lots of really great scripts lately, the Action Series, the State Series, and the Element Series (and more) are all very useful I am especially pleased to see Element Set script, which allows you to set multiple elements to skills (why that isn’t standard in Ace baffles the hell out of me)

and Finally some new joyful portraits by Tatanya at the RM collective

Until next time, when I hopefully have my floating icon character sets done, have fun game making!



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Glowing Balls Character Sheets

Here’s some glowing balls I made from the animation sheets in the RTP.  There is a lot of cool graphics you can get from the animation sheets, give it look and play with them and you’ll discover that, if you’re like me and have no ability to free hand graphics, you can find plenty of material to resize, recolor, and repurpose for whatever you may need.

Credit also to NYX for the idea.  She only suggested the golden ones and then I was just having to much fun to stop.

There are both a version with a shadow and a version without.  I also included the overlays so you could change up colors or something.  If you use them as is, you will have to use Stepping Animation and Direction Fix for them to work.

New stuff worth checking out…

A couple of things from the RM Collective:

  • Tatanya has done some nice recolors and edits of Face 24 (the cat girl).
  • Sander went and did some publishing of 3 short stories he wrote.  I read the first one this morning and really enjoyed it.  Its free apparently for a limited time so get over there quickly and try it out.

And a few things from Victor Sant:

  • He finished the Map Turn Battle which I discussed before.  Apparently its an add-on for his Animated Battler script, so keep that in mind
  • He also made to scripts for states – State Toggle and Incapacitate States.  I can think of a couple uses for these, especially the incapacitate states.

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