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Another RTP Icon Set

Here’s another one for the lazy folks out there who don’t want to waste all their time making character files into icons:

Just like the last one, I can’t imagine anyone having a use for all of these, but now you can just copy and paste the ones you need for any game.  Some minor edits, but you would only notice if you had seen the original.  If it’s not on here it is because it looked absolutely hideous when I shrank it.  Some things were not reduced first because they fit without doing so.  The crystals were a pain in the ass in case anyone’s curious.

A few new things since yesterday:

Yami makes another new script:  Image Display.  I’ll need to play with this more, but I can definitely see some good uses for this one in just about any game.

Molegato shows off some cool artwork.  Check it out.  I really like the colors and the cartoony style.

Shingamix makes us some icons for our folders to help us organize our RPG Maker junk by Maker Version which could help some people more than others.

Erangot previews a new Character Machine for faces and stuff.  God the artwork on this site is just amazing, ( its one of my favorite styles) sometimes I just look at all of it.

Closet Ace releases a new battler Angel Cross which is just hot hot hot!!!


Hopefully I can start making stuff for my game soon.

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First of many Icon Sets

I made these up because I was working on a tutorial project that used Yanfly’s Common Event Shop and I needed some icons.  Here you can see how I used a couple of these:

When I was making this up I also thought it would be of use to those using Yami’s Predicted Charge Turn Battle.

Now these are from the RTP character sets.  Nothing is edited or anything special like that, so like everything else that I make, that doesn’t require crediting anyone else, you are free to use these in commercial projects.

I encourage you to use these in script demos that would utilize these, because this wasn’t very hard to do (just long and tedious) and if someone doesn’t credit me on accident I don’t really care.

The overall process isn’t difficult, but if anyone has any questions or needs help making other characters (not from the RTP) into icons I will post instructions or a video of how to do it.  By the way I use GIMP so that is the program I can offer advice for (I’m not really familiar with any of the fancier ones).

I’m almost finished making the objects from the character sets into icons so hopefully I will have that out soon.

Now for news from the RPG Maker Blogs:

Yami updated her Pop Message.  You don’t need to use Yanfly’s Message System anymore so that will certainly help with compatibility issues.

Victor continues to tempt me to use a sideview battle system with the addition of Sprites in Windows, for his Animated  Battlers script.  He also made a nice script for controlling followers.

Kread made a handy little script Cutscene Skipper.

Deen gives us more characters, this time the theme is Shadows.

Ramiro is on an unintended break.  Hope he can get back soon.

Fomar0153 leaks out some details of his project:  A Monster Odyssey

and finally ShinGamix decides to add another project to his plate:  Fight! Fight! Tonight!.

Till next time, you folks keep having fun.


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Battler Cards for your enjoyment

Battler Cards for your enjoyment

Using the wonderfully designed cards from Stone Lane, I’ve made the entire Ace RTP into Battler Cards.

You still need to add the details, but you can save a lot of time by using these.  I’m going to use these for the card summoner in my game, but I figured others could use these for a card based mini-game, tarot cards for fortune tellers, and such. If I can event a fun mini-game for these I will definitely share it.

RPG Maker Blog News Center now reporting:

Yami makes a Charge Skill.  A nice balancing mechanic for skills in battle that requires x amount of turns to be used before executing the skill and if you haven’t seen it yet definitely check out the Guardian series, its really nifty, bummer I have no use for it in my current project (I will keep in my for the future though).

Victor makes two new skill cost scripts Tech Points which is reminiscent of Pokemon and MP Levels which reminds me of Final Fantasy I.  Fun.

Yanfly takes a break.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more (accept maybe my wife).  That avatar is still one of the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen.

Avvy puts out a new demo for Starlight Adventure CXVIII.  I played the first demo (I haven’t had time for this version yet) and it was a damn good time.  Its a ridiculously hilarious parody game and if you have played RPG games for a long time you should find this to be a good time.

Kread-EX updates his Runic Enchantment script.  The new features are cool plus the added the compatibility with Fomar0153’s Individual Equipment makes it even better.

Speaking of Fomar0153 he recently made Skill Charges, which reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII’s Draw system with the added feature of making the skills more powerful the more charges you have.

EvilEagle is still alive, which I found out recently on the forums.  If you haven’t seen his stuff you should definitely check it out.  His blog has reached 11,000 hits (which means you’ve probably been there) which is pretty cool, I’ve only recently hit 3,000 myself.

Speaking of the forums I will mostly be on RPG Maker Web Forum.  Its a fun place and most of the people I like are there.  I really enjoy, but my phone has a lot of trouble with that site for some reason so, I will frequent RM Web Forum more often just because its easier.

Until next time, you kids keep having fun.  Toodles.


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Putting it out there…

So I’ve decided to publish some of my project’s planning.  It’s called Tome Master:  Guardian of Sacred Texts.

It includes some graphics, but they are either a combination of graphics or have been resized to make them not download friendly because they are not my own.  Hover over the graphics to find their sources and get them for yourself so you can read terms of use and such.

I haven’t finished all the necessary planning and graphics yet so don’t expect a demo anytime soon.  I just published these for the curious folk out there who are wondering what I’ve been planning.

I can’t wait till the 14th to try out all the scripts I want to use for compatibility purposes and to start making maps and such, but since they have bumped us up to 56 hours a week at work this will probably take more time than I would like.

Feel free to comment, critique, and/ or throw out ideas either here or on the specific blog pages.

New from the wide world of RPG Maker Blogs:

Fomar0153 has once again made my life a lot easier with this gem – Learn Skills by Element Use.  Thank you.

Victor releases VE – Animation Settings.  It is even better with his Animated Battlers script, but can be really be useful without it, in the eye candy sense.

Kread has a new script I plan to use – Runic Enchantment.  Witness Sandal I dare you.

Mitchi shows off Konpeki Character Select Screen.  It’s pretty cool looking.

Molegato has a new one as well:  Character Size.  Its nifty and user friendly, two of my favorite traits.

Happy Farm is looking nice especially with the new Decoration Script.

Nessiah gives us a tease of Natalie.  She looks good and I was hoping this one was coming soon.

and Yanfly of course has a new post.  This one is Active Battle Advantage.  I think it only works for Random Encounters, but I will test if it works for Touch Encounters soon because I would like to use this.

~Toodles, Bon Bon out!

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Its been a while…

So I’ve been working on some battlers (recolors really) to match some sprites from Relaxed Chillin.  Here’s one:

Find the other 7 that I made here.

I’ve been busy planning a small family vacation to Denver.  We’re going to the Natural Science Museum, the Aquarium, Butterfly Pavilion, etc.  Just a couple days, but it should be informative and fun.

It looks like I haven’t been the only busy one lately though because the blogs just started pouring out stuff again.  Let’s take at look at the notable ones:

Yami has started her engine with the first entry Patch System.  To be honest I’m not exactly sure how this works or what it’s for, but I also haven’t really tried it yet.  This is probably one of those things that I will try one day and wonder why I wasn’t using it before.

Molegato has made a few really nifty scripts my favorite recently is Multiple Turns.  This script uses agility to determine extra turns which I find really nice.  I may just not bother with any CTB if it conflicts with this because I find this to be more important.  He also made a battle music script that allows you to use one music track for selecting commands and another while the actions happening, its called Command BGM.  Yet another that will most likely have a lot of uses is Event Info Window.  This window show up when you get close to an event and with the right creativity this can be used for quite a bit of awesomeness.

Speaking of event windows, Yanfly posts about Gab Window.  I’ve actually seen this used in an RPG Maker project and it was hilariously applied.

Fomar0153 is making a script everyday to celebrate the release of Ace (International/ English Edition).  Just go to his blog.  Now I feel the need to mention some highlights:

  • Aeon Party which released today lets you simulate an aeon summon ala FFX or some of the Breathe of Fires, where the Aeon replaces the party and fights until dead or released.
  • Extra Traits/ Feature on Level Up, which is a passive states script, but it only reads the infomation in the Trait section which can be better for some and I have theory of sorts I need to playtest with this one.
  • Individual Equipment needs to be mentioned because I’ve seen lots of requests for this, but most said it would be too much to code.  This screen shot explains what it does plus highlights the first add-on Equipment levels up :

Lastly, I just wanted to point out this really promising project Happy Farm.  Its a Harvest Moon inspired game and looks very nice.  My wife loves the Harvest Moon games so if it gets completed my wife will be playing this for sure.

Until next time, see ya.


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