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It’s a banner…

So here’s the banner for my blog, for those of you who like to use banners in their link section.

It was made by Victor Sant, so a big thank you to him.

I may decide to make a fancier banner one day, but the simplicity of this just makes me happy, so I doubt I will change it anytime soon.

‘Till next time, peace ya’ll.


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A new tutorial I wrote…

So I finally finished a tutorial for Direction Based Line of Sight Events.

This tutorial teaches you some Conditional Branch script calls (default RPG Maker Ace scripts, though I think you could use these in VX, but I haven’t tested it).  There is also a project that you can download to help you follow along (the file also includes the tutorial in various text formats for those who don’t stay on the internet all the time).

It includes four simple examples that show examples of various lines of sight with adjustable ranges I came up with to teach the basic concepts:

  1. A Triangular Line of Sight
  2. A Basic Line of Sight
  3. A Wide Line of Sight
  4. A Not Touching Line of Sight

And four more complex examples to show some possible uses:

  1. A Chase/ Tag event that can be used for a tag mini game
  2. An Assassin Event that allows you to take enemies out by hitting them from the side or behind using the C Button (Z, Enter, or Space bar on the key board)
  3. A Surprise Battle Event that allows you to surprise the enemy, but they can also surprise you
  4. A Zapper Event that is basically a trap that can be evaded, but will damage the player if they do not.


Lots of good news and resources from the other blogs lately:

Yami is working on a new Sideview Battle System, always good to have more options there

Exciting news for Yanfly fans, Archeia Nessiah from Division Heaven along with Yami have started to Bug Fix Yanfly’s scripts while Yanfly is away.  Now I have to remember the few glitches I have come across, so I can report them (damned memory)

Speaking of Division Heaven there’s been some new updates for the Spiritual portrait set (with the hope of more to come) and a Demo now for the Emotion Manipulation Magic tutorial

Victor Sant has been pumping out lots of really great scripts lately, the Action Series, the State Series, and the Element Series (and more) are all very useful I am especially pleased to see Element Set script, which allows you to set multiple elements to skills (why that isn’t standard in Ace baffles the hell out of me)

and Finally some new joyful portraits by Tatanya at the RM collective

Until next time, when I hopefully have my floating icon character sets done, have fun game making!



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