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So I’m only two years late with this…

So I promised to release a tutorial on menu scripting two years ago and finally after changing it a million times, dealing with all my real life problems and such it is finally done.

Too bad with MV coming out soon, it won’t be as useful as it could have been, but you know there will still be plenty of people who will still use Ace for a while so without further ado:

Menu Script Tutorial

Here’s a video:

Here’s the project which has all the notes and contains the tutorial itself within the script editor:  Menu Script Tutorial Project Download

Here’s some images of the various scripts I hope I’m able to teach you to do:

Status_Screen_2nd_page Status_Screen_1st_page Mood_Screen_10party Mood_Screen_6party Mood_Screen_3party Menu_Status_Screen_8party Menu_Status_Screen_6party Menu_Status_Screen_3party Equip_Screen_4th_page Equip_Screen_3rd_page Equip_Screen_2nd_page Equip_Screen_1st_page

I was going to do it out in pages like I usually do for tutorials, but I couldn’t make it work right, especially the scripts (they kept getting cut off for some reason).

I hope you enjoy.


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An event system I’ve been working on…

First Happy Easter even though I’m a day late.

This is my “A Blue Flame, A Lantern, and A Brazier” event system.

The blue flame doesn’t pass through walls or roof tiles.  It doesn’t have to be a specific event and neither does the brazier.

This uses Yanfly’s Button Common Events and Khas’ Awesome Light Effects scripts and a whole lot of eventing.  The scripts don’t have any particular quality that requires them specifically, so they can be substituted.  I just like them over similar ones.  Not using Button Common Events makes the Lantern a pain.

The explanation of events and how to do this, along with a sample project can be found at this page.

Its been a while since I posted anything, but surprisingly enough I’m not the only one, I think everyone has been busy.  I myself was busy delivering Girl Scout Cookies the last two weekends and helping my wife prepare for and prepare Easter dinner (it was great).

Well here’s some cool stuff from the blogs:

Fomar0153’s tutorial on using the Custom Damage Formula  of skills is a must read and check out the Monster Master class for his game.

Molegato gives us a Variable Quest Menu script.  This is simple, but cool, worth giving a look.

Division Heaven gives us some more battlers based on the RTP actors.  Find Remius, Elecia, and Naia in the material section.  Just added while typing this was a great new addition – Earth Guardian Fiona.  Very nice!

Erangot presents us with a Character Machine.  Super cool.  I need to make an avatar with this soon.

This may be old news to others, but the RM Collective is awesome and as soon as I get around to updating the links this site will definitely be on the list.  Scripts (VX at the moment), Graphics, Music, and more.

Until next time, you guys have fun.


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A little late…

I wanted to have this done by last weekend, but blah blah excuse excuse.  It’s not really important.

These two ideas use Fomar0153’s Improved Item Processing script that allows you to assign which items are in any Item Selection Processing event command screen, this flexibility allows you to use it for very specific purposes.

Now the obvious use is to clean up puzzles.  Like when the player goes to open a door, you could limit the choices to keys/ keycards and/ or battering rams/ explosives, instead of all their Important Items.

Another wonderful use is to allow the player to select items that have various effects in the item menu or in battle and instead have them perform some kind of event.  Like using a potion (that the player could normally heal party members with) on hurt villagers and it uses up the potions in the players inventory.  Because it displays how many are in the players inventory quickly and easily, the player can make an informed decision without as much work on the programmers side.

Although good uses of this script these were not the ideas I was alluding to earlier, what I meant were these:

First, there’s the Pick Screen.  This allows you to show items inside objects.  Instead of the player just rummaging through barrels and bedside drawers and getting the useful item the player will be forced to decide which items they want to look at or interact with.  It adds a little depth to the players activities. This can be used for puzzles or various other things (my mind wants to use this for a variety of comedic moments).

Then, there’s the Item Selection Menu.  This is used for common events that you want the player to use in the field with a bit more flexibility.  This allows the player to be able to quickly access maps or tools, instead of having to go into the Main Menu, go into the Item Menu, choose Important Items, then pick the item to run its common event.  I like the Important Items section of the Item Menu, but I think it works best for displaying the item’s description and that’s about it.  The Item Menu covers the screen, which covers up what the player is doing in the game.  It just doesn’t seem natural to me.  To achieve this I’ve decided to use Yanfly’s Button Common Events.  By simply hitting the assigned key you can bring up the Item Selection Menu with all the applicable items, thus saving the player a lot of time and frustration.  As an option I’ve included a way to assign keys to items, so the player can save more time and frustration by just hitting the key for the item instead of having to select it from a menu each time.

In the rough and tumble world of RPG Maker:

Division Heaven now has scripts.  I was checking some out and I really liked the Quick Travel and Battleback Stretch.

Yanfly posts about LTP:  Mathematics.  Another fun Lunatic Package and the picture is great.  Also posted was the JP Manager, which I really like.  The best part is that it is separated from everything else making it much easier to work with.

Yami keeps updating her CTB.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.  CTB has always been my preference for battle systems.

Molegato renames his comic Party Plz.  This is a pretty funny comic and well drawn.  Check out all of them.

Crimexx has started a new blog.  He has been working on improving his Professions Event System.  I’m always happy to see more eventers in this praise the scripters world.

Victor Sant lets us know that the Animated Battlers script he has been working on is almost ready for full publication.  The video of it in action is almost enough to make me want to spend the hours I know it would take to fully utilize this (I’ve been trying to stay away from side-view because it always eats up all my time and nothing else ever gets done).

Fomar0153 has been really active lately.  Three scripts have really caught my eye lately.  Equipment Requirements will definitely have some uses for a lot of people.  The Albhed Translator is really cool,  me and my friends spent a lot of time translating Albhed in Final Fantasy X and this brought back a lot of good memories.  The Clone Actor script is an interesting concept, I can’t think of any ideas for using this at the moment, but you never know, so I’m glad the option is available.

Hope you enjoy, see ya


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Finally finished…

So I finally finished my How to Make a Variable Window series.  This comes in two parts and these tutorials show you how to combine eventing with scripts to create a window to display variables and various other information in a window that can be selected from the main menu this features a very specific example, but you can use the methods to make your very own and maybe save yourself the trouble of no one answering your script requests.

  • Part 2 – Choose an Area Info Window uses events along with the aforementioned Yanfly scripts along with Fomar0153’s More Choices script to have a series of sub-menus to display area info windows (or just about anything else if desired) from the main menu screen.

Doing this made me realize a script that I would like to see:  the ability to choose which items (item by item) that can shown in certain Item Selection Processing windows.  It wouldn’t be necessary in any way and would only be for the anal retentive, but I’ll admit that’s me.

I’ve also changed up the menu at the top of the blog to be a bit more helpful.

And I have to add some more links to the sidebar sooner than later, but I don’t have time tonight.

In the world of RPG Maker there have been a lot of posts since I posted last:

  • Mitchi has been putting out a lot of useful resources including:  a transition pack with 25 unique transitions and a new battler
  • Noob keeps making laugh especially these two:  Dedication and Inconsiderate. Before I could finish this post Noob released another great one that seems appropriate considering the subject of this post Tutorial Genius
  • Nessiah has been sick and her internet sucks, but she still made the guy from the VX cover art she has dubbed Syrn, the jerk boss
  • Ramiro has done some more updates to his scripts and discusses what his plans for the future, with regards to his scripts and projects, are
  • Yami discovers that her CTB can be used with Tankentai, kind of
  • Yanfly discusses his feelings about making a demo.  Please read before asking him to make one.  This article also convinced me to not make demos of my Script Use Series because I think people will learn more if they have to type everything in themselves instead of copy and pasting into their projects I may change my mind if a lot of people are having problems, but only after I can get the full version of Ace (I wonder when that is coming out in English?)
  • Craze made another script Extra Enemy Actions.  It is intended to be used with Yanfly’s Free Turn Battle System.  Also the Elemental Booster script was updated.
  • Kread-Ex put out Self-Switch Reset which I will most likely be using since I plan on doing touch encounters for my game.  Also some experience related scripts and two scripts for people who miss functions from RM2k3
  • Finally Molegato has been making scripts.  Check this one out:  Sudden Death along with the others.

Until next time! See ya!


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How to make a Weaponsmith Shop using Yanfly’s Common Event Shop Script.

I made this instruction guide for this post on, but by the time I finished making it someone else already showed him how.  But here it is anyway.

You can find the script here under Menu scripts

This is the Common Event you would need to set up to make the Bronze Lance.  Notice I call the shop Common Event at the end to return the player to the shop after the purchase is completed and/ or update the variables.  Of course you would want to do some sounds, events (like have the guy go over to the anvil and pound away or something then come back), and/ or animations before returning to the shop otherwise it would be pointless to use the <exit shop> tag

This the Common Event you would set up to call the shop so that it will update the variables correctly.

This is how to set up the event which calls the shop and how I set up the variables.  You don’t need to use the Variables condition, I just had that selected so I could put the variable window in the same image.














This is what all this hard work ends up looking like in the Shop itself. In the right hand window it shows the player how much of each of the ingredients, that are needed, that the player currently has.  The icon for the bronze lance doesn’t really match, but I didn’t have a bronze lance icon to use.

The common events could then be copied and pasted then modified for each item you wanted to create with minor changes. Don’t forget to add the additional variables if used to the shop common event.

This is very basic and eventually when I have the full version of Ace I will update this to show a more advanced multiscript version of this and maybe post a demo.



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