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Bee Girl Battler

These are edits of a battler found here:

Note:  This site has some great battlers, but some are nude, so don’t visit the site unless you are an adult in your country and its not against the law to see nudes, I don’t know I’m just trying to cover my ass here.

Honestly I can’t read anything at this site (google translate doesn’t want to work) so I have no idea what the terms and conditions are of this site.  If anyone can translate it well enough could you comment here with the translated terms and if I’m in violation of the terms please let me know and I will remove these.  But until then let’s at least assume you can’t use them for commercial projects.

The original is a spider girl with a really well done web design in the background.

So make sure you credit the site at the very least and if the name of the artist is eventually revealed credit them along with my friend NYX from the RPG Maker Web forum who pointed this out to me and suggested most of the design.  Basically I wouldn’t have done this without her ideas.

Changing the wings is very easy so if anyone would like different shading just ask.  My personal favorites are the yellow and purple winged ones.

Also I just bought the new Assemblage 23 album “Bruise.”  It’s damn good.  It is dark and has a definite melancholy to it, but it also makes you want to dance.  I’m a big fan of that combination.

Recently Victor Sant made me salivate a bit with a video of his Map Turn Battle inspired by Chrono Trigger.  God I can’t wait to play with this.  I’ve been trying to avoid the visual battler scripts so I can focus on making a game, but this may make me change my mind.  I loved Chrono Trigger and the way battle was done visually (not just the double and triple techs, which are f***ing great too) was one of my favs and would work great with my desire to use on screen touch encounters.

But now I’m just ranting so…until next time, see ya!


Posted by on June 20, 2012 in Graphics, RPG Maker