Another RTP Icon Set

25 Mar

Here’s another one for the lazy folks out there who don’t want to waste all their time making character files into icons:

Just like the last one, I can’t imagine anyone having a use for all of these, but now you can just copy and paste the ones you need for any game.  Some minor edits, but you would only notice if you had seen the original.  If it’s not on here it is because it looked absolutely hideous when I shrank it.  Some things were not reduced first because they fit without doing so.  The crystals were a pain in the ass in case anyone’s curious.

A few new things since yesterday:

Yami makes another new script:  Image Display.  I’ll need to play with this more, but I can definitely see some good uses for this one in just about any game.

Molegato shows off some cool artwork.  Check it out.  I really like the colors and the cartoony style.

Shingamix makes us some icons for our folders to help us organize our RPG Maker junk by Maker Version which could help some people more than others.

Erangot previews a new Character Machine for faces and stuff.  God the artwork on this site is just amazing, ( its one of my favorite styles) sometimes I just look at all of it.

Closet Ace releases a new battler Angel Cross which is just hot hot hot!!!


Hopefully I can start making stuff for my game soon.

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