Putting it out there…

11 Mar

So I’ve decided to publish some of my project’s planning.  It’s called Tome Master:  Guardian of Sacred Texts.

It includes some graphics, but they are either a combination of graphics or have been resized to make them not download friendly because they are not my own.  Hover over the graphics to find their sources and get them for yourself so you can read terms of use and such.

I haven’t finished all the necessary planning and graphics yet so don’t expect a demo anytime soon.  I just published these for the curious folk out there who are wondering what I’ve been planning.

I can’t wait till the 14th to try out all the scripts I want to use for compatibility purposes and to start making maps and such, but since they have bumped us up to 56 hours a week at work this will probably take more time than I would like.

Feel free to comment, critique, and/ or throw out ideas either here or on the specific blog pages.

New from the wide world of RPG Maker Blogs:

Fomar0153 has once again made my life a lot easier with this gem – Learn Skills by Element Use.  Thank you.

Victor releases VE – Animation Settings.  It is even better with his Animated Battlers script, but can be really be useful without it, in the eye candy sense.

Kread has a new script I plan to use – Runic Enchantment.  Witness Sandal I dare you.

Mitchi shows off Konpeki Character Select Screen.  It’s pretty cool looking.

Molegato has a new one as well:  Character Size.  Its nifty and user friendly, two of my favorite traits.

Happy Farm is looking nice especially with the new Decoration Script.

Nessiah gives us a tease of Natalie.  She looks good and I was hoping this one was coming soon.

and Yanfly of course has a new post.  This one is Active Battle Advantage.  I think it only works for Random Encounters, but I will test if it works for Touch Encounters soon because I would like to use this.

~Toodles, Bon Bon out!

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