Strange Weekend and Damn You Windows Update

17 Feb

So I had one of those sitcom weekends. My stepson’s dad (my wife’s ex) invited me and my wife to join him and my stepson to watch Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D on Sunday. We went and they also treated us to Olive Garden.

Star Wars was pretty good especially since I didn’t get to see it in the theater when it came out the first time. This was the first 3D movie I have seen because I have to where the glasses over my prescription lenses and I figured it would be to uncomfortable (and yes they still are), but I still really enjoyed it.

Here’s the coolest part though: when we were at dinner, my stepson’s dad gave me his X-Box 360, because he upgraded to a better model. I haven’t been able to afford one myself so this was really generous of him (read as f-ing awesome).

I bought myself a used copy of Final Fantasy XIII so I could finally play it. I hope it doesn’t suck cause I’ve heard mixed reviews.

So I’ve been working on a tutorial on various ways to use Fomar0153‘s Improved Item Processing script which he was so kind to make after I suggested the idea on my last post. The script itself is pretty straight forward so there’s no need to have a tutorial for the script itself, but I’ve devised a way to use it to make what I call a Pick Screen and an Item Selection Menu, the latter using Yanfly‘s Button Common Events script as well. There’s also a method for re-assigning the keys used to run common events.

The big problem I’ve had is that my first attempt got closed the day after I finished the first part and had started the second part. (Damn trial)

Last night I had everything remade and was beginning to make all the documentation. Usually when I’m writing up a tutorial I will notice problems and correct them, but since Windows decided to update I had to do all the image capturing and video recording before I went to bed and therefore, be unable to stop Windows from shutting down my computer. I was so tired that I forgot to save a copy of the project, for use later, when I get the full version of Ace (if its even possible to open trial projects).

I did get everything needed to make the tutorial, but it will take time to clean up the images and write the explanations. I hope to have it done by this weekend. Here’s the demonstration video that shows how these look in game.

Three posts that deserve a look:

Molegato made this really nifty Items Fragments script.  I liked this a lot and combined with my Item Selection Menu it makes me want to make an old school zelda style game now.

Ramiro updated his Mother 3 Status script and now its more compatible.  I’ve got to test this because I think it looks great.

And finally Kread-Ex makes an ammo script that, I admit, I didn’t think was necessary, but will probably use because it looks like it will work quite well.

Hope to finish soon, see ya.


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3 responses to “Strange Weekend and Damn You Windows Update

  1. crimexx

    February 18, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    Tell me how the new Final Fantasy is, If its good then I’ll get it. I have never played a final fantasy game >.<


    • infamous bon bon

      February 19, 2012 at 10:58 am

      When I finally get around to playing, I’ll let you know. I haven’t even set up the X-Box yet, I’ve been so busy with other things.


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