Clockwork Prince Review

25 Jan

So I read Cassandra Clare’s newest book Clockwork Prince recently and I thought I would give it a review.

This is the second book of her Infernal Devices series, which is prequel to her Mortal Instruments series a series that I highly recommend.

Set in Victorian London, this book continues the story of Tessa Gray(who can transform into anybody if she can get an object they owned) and the shadowhunters who have sworn to protect her from the mysterious and dangerous Magister.

In this entry Tessa’s affections are torn between Will Herondale and his parabati (spiritual blood brother) James “Jem” Carstairs.

Will is a young, reckless, and handsome shadowhunter that seems to push everyone away, but can’t seem to stay away from Tessa.

Jem is a young silver haired boy who is kind to everyone and is the only one who seems to understand Will. He also happens to be dying.

They both love Tessa, but Will cannot express his love for her because of a terrible curse and although she cares for Jem she sees him more as a friend through most of the book.

Clares take on werewolves (though the gay werewolf was a first for me), faeries, and vampires is fairly typical, but her version of warlocks was new to me and the main warlock we see, Magnus Bane, is one of my favorite characters (he is also in the Mortal Instruments series). The demons are all very interesting and she uses a wide variety. The automatons are creepy and as the main foes vary enough to keep you from being bored.

She goes into depth when it comes to the shadowhunters. Shadowhunters are humans infused with angels blood who use runes they either draw or tattoo on their bodies to increase strength, speed, healing abilities, etc. The can also draw the runes on inanimate objects for various effects. The shadowhunters society is explained to the reader with great detail including their politics, laws, history, and customs. They primarily fight demons, but if the other supernaturals violate the law they will hunt them as well. Their society is fairly equitable with men and women both being fighters and race doesn’t seem to be an issue, but the of course have their own unique prejudices.

The world Clare creates is very detailed and beautifully described. If your looking for an action packed story with plenty of intrigue and well written characters this is the series to read. This series also has some particularly steamy moments and the focus is more on how sexy the boys are and not on the girls so much which is a nice change of pace even though I don’t care for sexy boys much myself.

You don’t need to read the Mortal Instruments series (which is set in modern times) to know what’s going on, but some of the hidden references will be lost on you.

Gosh I thought I would have trouble writing enough to warrant a post and it seems I’ve gone on forever instead.

Well till next time. See ya.

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